Thursday, August 27, 2015

Birthday Party for My Child

My son's birthday is coming soon, one of the happiest days in my life, and I am sure his. 

This is also a sad day for us. Since my ex is engaging in parental alienation, his typical tactics of harassment will be to either 1) not let me see my child at all on their birthday (which he did with my daughter this year) or 2) make it as difficult, and painful, as possible to show he has all the power, and then let me visit my children. 

My son loves his mother, little brother and other family members. He wants to come home, and spend time with his family. My son is already thinking of the future, and when he is able to make his own decisions. This separation is only temporary, one day we will be together again. My son just wants his family in his life - both mom and dad. I agree with him. As a child, he should not have to ask or even thing about something so fundamental...that both parents be a supportive, positive influence in his life. Adults should work out their differences privately, and never involve children in their personal issues. Parental Alienation is child abuse, it is very damaging to a child, and leaves scars that last a lifetime.

So I decided to throw my son a birthday part on the blog, to let him know how special he is, and to celebrate his special day. 

Music to dance to.. Bear loves Monstercats so we are dedicating "Birthday Cake" to you. Your little brother is dancing around the house in his "Turtle costume". He is wearing a plastic turtle shell on his back and green underwear with no pants because "turtles don't wear pants!" H-i-i-i-ya!

And here is some cake.... can you guess who picked this out (lol)



I love you Bear, and thank God for you every day! Tu eres mi corazon <3

~ Mommy, JC, and Pets

"I love you. Happy Birthday!" from your little brother, JC