Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cute Kid Story: Captain America is Constipated!

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My lil guy J.C. was painting with water colors today, amazed at how a dip of the brush into a cup of water brought colors to life on paper.

 "Mom, what happens when you mix all the colors together?", J.C. asks.

 "I am not sure...let's find out."

 "It makes a masterpiece!", J.C. says. I watched as J.C. swirled the colors into shapes, the shapes formed circles and smiling faces. Stories were forming on the page.
J.C. has grown into a love of reading from his older sister Nora, who takes time to cuddle up to him, and share a story. I read to Nora as a child, and enjoyed snuggling up with her and a good book. Now Nora is writing and illustrating books...taking up a family talent that I have inherited, and my father as a storyteller, and generations going back when slaves were not allowed to go to school or learn to read so they relied on reserves on creativity and inventiveness to craft their talent.

J.C. quickly filled one page and so I gave him another sheet of paper. Only this sheet was curling at the edges and needed to be weighted down. So I grabbed the sturdy, plastic Captain America doll dressed in blue tights with snug red boots, a signature white star painted on his chest, and half a mask covering his face.
J.C. was not content with Captain America being used as just a paper weight... no, he needed some color too! J.C. picked up his brush and stabbed Captain America with green, yellow and red. Soon Captain America was swimming in psychedelic water color, the star on his chest dyed a rainbow.

"Very nice,", I commented as J.C. painted purple facial hair on Captain America, who now donned a purple beard and a smear of a mustache.. or was that a frown?

"He's constipated.", J.C. said, "Captain America is constipated." He jabbed Captain America with the paintbrush again, bathing him in blue and orange.

I giggled. "Constiptated, huh? Ouch!"

"Con-sti-pated.". J.C. said slowly, rolling the words in his mouth, "'Cuz he's being painted!"

"Do you even know what 'constipated' means?" I asked.

"Yea. He's constipated! He's painted!". J.C. said proudly, holding up a soggy Captain America dripping in various shades of color and hue. He smiled big.

That didn't come out well. Then again, I don't think I need to rush to explain to a toddler what it really means... J.C. will just have to be "constipated" until I am ready to tell him. Until then, we can share this little laught over his error.

~ Daylen Swift, Jan. 2016