Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mom Braves the T-Rex That Almost Ate the House

The lights flickered on and off; the house shook from its foundation to the shingles. The sky darkened as the ferocious T-Rex neared… tree branches snapped then flung against the window in broken splinters, lightning tore through the sky….

I screamed in terror, and kicked the quilt from my bed. The small feet of a 6 year old slapped against the white and lime green linoleum floor. I shoved my bedroom door open, there was a boom as the door hit the wall, and another boom as the hungry T-Rex approached. Down the hall I ran, into Mom’s bedroom. I launched through the air, bouncing the cat off the end of the bed, and slamming my small body into a pile of blankets and pillows.

There’s a T-Rex coming to eat us!” I cried to Mom, who mumbled in a dreamy reply.

Mom was there, somewhere, under the covers, warm and safe, and totally unaware of the coming menace. The cat hissed from somewhere on the floor. Then jumped back to his favorite spot at the end of the bed.

Did you hear the roar?” I screamed, “My night-light went out too! The T-Rex is coming!

Mom threw her arms out, struggling to sit. Her eyes were squinted with half-sleep. Her hair stood up in all directions. There was a loud pounding noise followed by hard droplets of rain pelting  the window.

That’s just the storm, go back to sleep.” Mom said

But I heard…

It’s thunder. Thunder is just angels bowling in Heaven.” Mom explained.

I curled into the powder blue comforter decorated with small blue roses, somewhat skeptical.

Strike!” Mom cheered faintly with another boom, “The angels are having a good time tonight.”

I imagined an angel rolling a large bowling ball at the T-Rex, knocking him from the sky, he fell back into an overgrown jungle, and disappeared behind a massive palm tree.

I could have swore I heard a T-Rex…but that was what angels are for, to keep you safe.

~ Daylen Swift, ©  Sept. 2015

Psalm 91:11, “For He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways..”