Monday, February 17, 2014

A Mother's Song

When a mother sings to her children, it as if the fullness of love, and concern she has for her children, that is so deep and emotional that it is beyond expression, is given words to which only her children can hear... so lifted up with love, her children dance and sing. 

A Mother's Song Brings Child to Life

Trawden in Lancashur, Britain,June 2012: When 7-year-old Charlotte Neve suffered a rare brain hemorrhage and slipped into a coma, her prognosis was grim. After two operations, and spending a week in a coma, doctors could not stop the bleeding and told her mother, Leila, to prepare to say goodbye. 

With a heavy heart, Leila came to the hospital to spend her final moments with Charlotte. Cuddled on the bed, the song "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele came on the radio. "Rolling in the Deep" is a special song that both mother and child enjoyed singing together. So Leila began to sing, just like they used to. Then a miracle happened--Charlotte smiled! Two days later, Charlotte was speaking and able to get out of bed. Adele: Rolling in the Deep

Charlotte's recovery has been growing stronger each day, though she will have permanent partial blindness and memory loss. Charlotte has astounded doctors by learning to walk and talk, she has returned to school and is taking dance classes. 

Brain hemorrhage girl, 7, wakes from coma as mother sings her Adele's song Rolling in the Deep

Mother Sings to her Dying Daughter in a Coma and the 7-year-old Girl Returns

Special memories of sharing music with my children:

Some of the closest moments I have spent with my children involve music. My daughter also loves the song "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele. Nora gets in the car, takes over the radio, and turns our ride into a dance club (grin). 

When pregnant with all of my children, I would sing to them and rub my belly--encouraging them to sway to the music in utero. Scientists have found that children can hear while in the womb, and if a mother plays music the unborn baby will prefer it to any other music. Even after birth, the baby recognizes the music the mother played while pregnant. Unborn Babies are Hearing You Loud and Clear

After my daughter, Nora, was born, I often sang to her. I remember that one time I was holding my daughter,who just over a year old, in my arms and dancing together in the living room. The words of the song said, "They ask me if I love you..."  Nora's head was cradled against my chest and she lifted it and said very clearly, "Yesh!" with a baby lisp. As Nora's dark brown eyes met mine, I saw a spark lighten the depths of her eyes, and I knew that she understood... that she was telling me she loves me. 

As a toddler, Nora sang all the time. You knew if she was happy, she was singing. If she was upset, she went silent. She would invent these long songs that turned into story and would be singing for days. Everywhere she went, singing. One of her songs was "Jesus loves me because he.." then she would add everything she could think of like "he gave me a cookie" or "he made the birds sing" or "I got to go to the park today". It was so beautiful hearing Nora sing, and seeing her faith develop.

Saturday was our cleaning day at home, we called it "Rock n' Roll Saturday" because we would turn the music up and dance while we did our chores. Nora would go in my closest and steal my dresses and high heel boots, as she pushed the vacuum she would sing...and then kick off one boot, and then the other, right at me! My older son, D.Bear, would impress us with his "break dance" moves. I begged D.Bear to stop, afraid he would break a bone!

The baby of the house, J.C., also loves to sing and dance. J.C. has a gift for mimicking sounds--he can perfectly imitate songbirds, the booming horn of a train, and music. 

J.C. also remembers what his older brother and sister's favorite songs are, and will point them out when they come on the radio. If you sing one of those songs, J.C. will yell and tell you to stop, believing the song belongs to his "Bear" or "Sissy". 

One of my favorite memories is when "Next to Me" by Emili Sande came on the radio, Sissy was singing the words and J.C. would follow with all the "Woohoo!"s in his high, sweet voice. D.Bear would dance, and his facial expressions were comical and his eyebrows raised or his lips puckered, he put emotion into every note. Emeli Sande- Next to Me

I want my kids to know I love 1,222,222,222,000,000,000,000,000,000 + 0 = U! I thank God for you every day and love you so much. I cherish the songs we sing together, you make my heart dance.

-- Daylen Swift

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