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Lunch with Love: Chinese Billionaire Invites Homeless to Dine in Central Park

An inspiring story... 

June 25, 2014: Chinese billionaire, Chen Guangbiao, founder and chairman of Jiangsu Huangpu Renewable Resources Limited Company, wants to build a "charity army" of wealthy Chinese who will give their profits back to the needy, and use their money to help better society.

Chen was raised in an impoverished family, farmers living in in Sihong County in east China's Jiangsu Province. Conditions were so dire that a brother and a sister starved to death when Chen was 4 years old. At age 10, Chen began to help support his family by selling water. Chen worker his way through college and also helped pay for the tuition of other children in his village. By the age of 17, Chen started his own "foodstuffs" business., and later went on to college. Chen is known for his patriotism, and for his charity.
For More About Chen: Wikipedia Chen Guangbiao

Chen is making a contribution in New York City where he has invited 250 "poor and destitute" Americans to a meal in Central Park and will also donate money to help local charities. The guests were residents of the New York Rescue Mission Shelter (the oldest shelter in the nation). Guests dined at the exquisite Loeb Boathouse in Central Park where they dined on sesame-seed-encrusted tuna, beef filet and berries with crème fraiche. Volunteers served the food in the charity army uniform-- green Chinese military style uniforms with a badge that said "Serve the People". Chen entertained his guests by performing magic tricks and singing "We Are the World". 

"Our thought was if someone wants to treat them to an amazing event - something they would never experience on their own, maybe even a kernel of hope that life could be different again, we're in for that reason. That's our motive," said Craig Mayes, the  executive director of the Rescue Mission.

This is more than just charity, as those participating will become a positive example for the world to learn from... Chen hopes that donating the meal will show other tycoons that there is more to life than “luxury goods, gambling and prostitution”. Chen also hopes his work will improve relations between the US and China. 

-- Daylen Swift, June 2014

For More Info: "Chinese billionaire invites 1,000 poor Americans for lunch in Central Park" by Tim Phillips, "The Province"

Chen Guangbiao Hosts Lunch for Homeless New Yorkers: NBC News

Memories of NYC... 

I visited New York City a long time ago with my son, Bear. I remember how strange it was that homeless people would sleep on the sidewalks and people would just step over them, like speed bumps. I was fascinated by the street artists--the break dancers, cartoonists, mimes, singers and a musician who played a Chines flute. I also remember visiting Central Park and seeing a little girl who was amazed to see a squirrel and was yelling excitedly as the small creature dashed by. 
On the Long Island ferry, Bear smiled shyly at a small girl with doe-like brown eyes and long braids. I remember thinking about the sea of people we had passed on our vacation, and wondering the children would ever cross paths again. They played briefly, during the boat ride.
I also remember visiting the Statue of Liberty, and that Bear threw his pacifier into the harbor. It was his contribution to history, grin.
I love you kids, and look forward to many more adventures with you!

xoxox Mommy xoxoxox

I love 1,222,222,222,00,000 + 0 = U !!

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