Sunday, August 3, 2014

Teen Driving Inspires Mom's Memories

My teenage son Bear is dreaming about the day he can get a license and drive a car... I remember the days he drove his walker, his fat 'lil feet slapping against the floor as he took off in search of adventure, or trouble!

Bear was not like other babies, he is very mechanical minded; he could take apart or dismantle anything. He would figure out how to get past obstacles even if it meant climbing, tearing down baby gates or busting barriers meant to protect him. The baby locks used to keep babies out of drawers and cabinets--easily defeated. Bungee cords to hold closets shut, also over come. Bear would run across the house in his walker then ram the baby gate to knock it down, and happily wander through the house or raid the fridge. He would climb dressers, chairs and boxes to get into things. He would climb out of his crib (while the cat slept happily inside). 

Once Bear broke down a baby gate, somehow climbed down the basement stairs, crawled across the floor and scaled up a ladder... when I found Bear, he was climbing through the cat door with his head, chest and arms fully outside and his feet dangling in the air!

My other favorite memory of Bear is when he was about 9 months old. He must have been studying the wood trim nailed to the wall for quite some time, determining its weak spots. I left the room briefly to get a drink from the fridge, Bear was laying on an oriental rug as if, I thought asleep. When I came back into the room, Bear had pried the wooden trim off the wall and was dragging a board at least 5 feet long across the floor!

Now that Bear is a teenager... I know with that kind of determination, it will not be long before he gets his license. All I have to say to those on the road is... watch out! Kidding! LOL. If anything, Bear will be adventurous, exploring hidden dirt roads, and venturing to weird tourist sites. He dreams about strapping a car seat in the back, and taking his little brother CJ for a ride. He will tinker with the mechanics, my friend has promised to show Bear how to do repairs. 

And finally, his freedom will have been won--no baby gates, no obstacles, just a set of keys and an open road.

Bear said he would like to drive so he can come see me... son, you are welcome home anytime. I keep you and your sister in my prayers, and in my heart. Tu eres mi corazon. 

~ Daylen Swift, August '14

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