Tuesday, September 16, 2014

German Prayer for Child

I learned a beautiful German prayer today... 

I work in home healthcare and my client said this prayer, in perfect German, I almost cried... it reminded me of my beautiful Great-Grandma, and of those tender moments tucking my own children into bed. 

My mother's side of the family is from Germany, they settled in a small, town founded by fellow German pioneers, and later owned a butcher shop. The butcher shop specialized in sausages but sold other delicious meats such as braunschweiger, headcheese and pickled pig knuckles. As a small child, I remember how special it was when my Mom would open an antique box that was the faded color of buttercups and decorated with lace. The top of the box had the picture of a woman on it, with a bug bouffant of wavy hair and bow shaped lips. I think she was also holding a glass bottle of cola. The box held all of Mom's treasures...including an old photo of my great-grandmother. My great-grandmother was a dainty woman with dark, flashing eyes. She was known to be a strong woman, who went into business to help her husband at a time women traditionally stayed at home. She adored her two children--Grandma and her brother. And died young, of pneumonia. Grandma named my favorite Aunt after her mother. And my Mom named a doll after her--my daughter and her cousin just love playing house with the doll. So her memory lives in our hearts, and in our love. 


Jesukindlein komm zu mir, 
Mach ein frommes Kind aus mir. Mein Herzerl ist klein, Kann niemand hinein, Als du, mein liebes Jesulein. 

Baby Jesus come to me 
Make a pious child out of me 
My little heart is so small 
No one can get in 
Except for you my lovely little Jesus.

(Image from: Turn Back to God)

To my beautiful children ~ Mommy keeps you in my thoughts and prayers. I love you so much! I love 1,222,222,000,000 + 0= U! Tu es mi corazon. xoxox

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