Sunday, February 1, 2015

Keep Hope Alive: "The Fork", An Inspirational Video

Every little girl dreams of her fairy tale ending... The grass and mud splattered across her jeans were an attempt to catch the frog that hopped into the long grass with a rude croak; he was not destined to be her prince.

Every little girl has a bedroom  filled with dolls of all sizes and shapes, each one given a name and the unconditional love of a child who dreams of one day being a "mommy" that will hold a real baby. Sometimes she dreams of being a school teacher or a nurse, and on the best days she is a rock star. Her dolls are always there--as pupil, patients and adoring fans.

And sometimes...those dreams of happily-ever-after don't always turn out the way you wanted or the way you thought they would. 

My daughter (and son) is growing up without a mother. I did not leave my children. In fact I had no choice at all. An unjust court ruling, and a vindictive ex stole my children away. The love for my children never leaves my heart. I pray for them every day. And when I go to the store, they are with me when I shop for meals they will never eat.. or wander in the toy section imagining what toys they like to play with. They are with me in the empty rooms, as dust gathers on their toys. I have dreams too...dreams that they will one day my children will come home, and our family will be reunited.

I am posting this video to say... keep hope alive. Your dreams may not turn out the way you want, life may have its twists and turns but one thing is for sure and that is real, unconditional love. 

-- Daylen Swift

"The Fork"

A Holocaust survivor encourages her soon to be wed granddaughter. We can't control all the events of life but we can control how we look at them.
Starring: Peggy Lord Chilton, Kelly Huddleston, Harv Popick
Written, Directed, and Produced: Rob Fried

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