Saturday, April 18, 2015

Listen To Your Heart: Song and Letter for My Daughter

"Listen to Your Heart" cover by D.H.T. is one of my daughter's favorite songs. Funny, because I also love this song. That happens alot with my daughter and I.. we have similar likes, and even when we are apart and cannot talk, we find each other in our favorite songs.

A letter for my beautiful, amazing Daughter:

Sissy, listen to your heart. 

Always know your Mommy loves you, always and forever. 

Even though we cannot be together now, one day you will be able to come home. 

On that day, I will throw the biggest party! We can listen to all your favorite songs. And dance around the house. 

I will let you raid my closet, wear anything you want. 

And we can do make overs, even on your little brother (grin). 

Listen to your heart... you are loved and cherished. 

I love you Baby Girl. xoxo Mommy xoxox

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